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Officers will be rated under officer evaluation report system -- one that is designed to both strengthen rater accountability and reflect current Army leadership doctrine. (U.S. Army Africa photos)


New and improved officer evals emphasizes rater responsibility

April 11, 2014 - By Rich Bartell, U.S. Army Africa Public Affairs

VICENZA, Italy – Recently, the U.S. Army revamped its Officer Evaluation Report system. The updated officer evaluation report is an important tool used to assess performance as well as assist professional development, accountability and promotion for commissioned and warrant officers.

According to Chief Warrant Officer 4 Max Ivulich, human resources technician with U.S. Army Africa’s G-1, Personnel Directorate, all commissioned and warrant officers will use the new system in the near future.

Currently, officers are using an old form until it becomes obsolete April 1.

The new Web-based system is called the Evaluation Entry System or EES.

“Officers with a thru date on or after April 1, will use the Department of the Army Form 67-10, found on Army Knowledge Online Forms,” Ivulich said.

He explained that the system is ‘Thru Date’ driven and officers who have thru dates prior to April 1 will continue to use the old form DA 67-9.

Ivulich detailed some of the significant changes to the newly revamped systems.

“There is now a clear delineation of responsibilities on the new evaluation. Raters will comment on performance and senior raters will comment on potential,” Ivulich said.

He said new OERs fall into four categories. Company grade officers encompass second lieutenants to captains; warrant officer one and chief warrant officer two. Field grade officers cover majors, lieutenant colonels and chief warrant officers three through five. The strategic leader category evaluates colonels. The final category is brigadier general.

Ivulich said a rater profile was added to both company and field grade OERs.

“Additionally, new raters for lieutenant colonels will now maintain a profile and receive a Headquarters Department of the Army label when the OER is processed at a Human Resources Command or HQDA level,” he said. “To mitigate risks of an immature profile, raters are given a credit of three (3) in the proficient box for each grade of officers they rate which allows them to identify their top performers.”





U.S. Army Africa Commander Maj. Gen. Patrick J. Donahue II says USARAF efforts are earning tangible results. from U.S. Army Africa on Vimeo.



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