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  U.S. Army Africa planners pave the way for African Land Forces Summit 2016  


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U.S. Army Africa planners and Tanzanian Peoples Defense Force members visit the East African Community headquarters conference center during a planning trip to Arusha, Tanzania, to prepare for the African Land Forces Summit 2016 in May. The African Land Forces Summit (ALFS) brings together the army chiefs of staff from multiple African nations to discuss regional and transregional topics. (U.S. Army Africa photo)


U.S. Army Africa planners pave the way for African Land Forces Summit 2016

By Capt. Jason Welch, U.S. Army Africa Public Affairs

VICENZA, Italy – Planners from U.S. Army Africa conducted an initial planning event in Arusha, Tanzania, Sept. 20-25 with the Tanzania People’s Defense Force to coordinate support for the Africa Land Forces Summit 2016.

The TPDF and USARAF are hosting ALFS 2016 in Arusha in May.

ALFS is an annual, weeklong summit bringing together land force chiefs of staff from throughout the African continent to discuss mutual threats and challenges from a regional perspective.

“ALFS is the only forum for army chiefs to meet to discuss army specific issues,” said David Sutton, USARAF international relations desk planner.

During the open forum, participants identified ways ahead through proposed security cooperation initiatives, said Sutton.

The initial planning event held in Arusha is a major milestone on the road to the final summit, said Kevin Czarkowski, USARAF international relations chief and lead ALFS planner.

USARAF and Tanzanian planners conducted convergent planning at their home stations before meeting for the first time in person.

“The planning event held in Tanzania plays a vital role in the planning process,” said Czarkowski.

In Arusha, the planners from USARAF and members of the TPDF were able to discuss the requirements to support ALFS, including identifying life support for participants and proposals for cultural exchanges and training events, said Czarkowski.

The initial planning event is also the first step in bringing the many summit participants together.

“Planning events like this allow the rest of the army chiefs to participate in the planning process,” said Czarkowski.




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